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Back Pain

There are many different causes of back pain, including underlying medical conditions, strain, and poor posture. These can cause short, acute bouts of back pain or more severe and enduring back pain.


​It doesn’t matter how balanced your diet and lifestyle are, sometimes underlying medical conditions can lead to severe back pain. These include:


  • Arthritis

  • Sciatica

  • Skeletal complications

  • Ligament and muscle strain

  • Damaged discs

  • Osteoporosis

  • Kidney problems

Back Pain Treatment

Physical strain

Long-lasting pain stems from a series of factors. Physical strain is one of the most common, and generally originates from any of the following:


  • Heavy or improper lifting

  • Injuries, fractures, or falls

  • Muscle tension or spasms

  • Sudden movements


You should listen when people tell you to sit up straight and stop hunching over your computer. Correct posture is one of the most successful ways to avoid back pain. Posture-related sources of back pain include:


  • Excessive stretching

  • Long, uninterrupted drives

  • Bending over, sitting, or standing for long periods of time

  • Poor sleeping position

  • Hunching over your computer

  • Twisting your body in uncomfortable positions


What does back pain feel like?


Back pain often makes the slightest movement difficult. It can also make staying seated or standing up feel like an insurmountable task. Back pain typically travels up and down your spine and, as a result, can cause complications in other parts of your body.


For example, back pain can spread all the way down to your toes by way of the legs, ankles, and buttocks. This can mean that your back problems affected your sciatic nerve, which travels all the way down the leg.


Back pain can also induce:


  • High fever

  • Numbness around the anus and genitals

  • Bladder issues

  • Chronic pain in adjacent areas

  • Inflammation or swelling


Back pain can affect anyone. However, you’re more likely to suffer from back pain if you are:


  • Over 30 years old

  • Lacking a regular exercise regimen

  • Overweight

  • Suffering from a disease or psychological condition

  • Pregnant


The team at Pivotal Health and Wellness is committed to both helping you understand your weaknesses and finding effective prevention to back pain.




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