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Have symptoms of neuropathy?

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Twenty million Americans are affected by neuropathy every year. It’s sometimes the cause of that pins and needles feeling you get in your feet, hands, back, and thighs. Many physicians don’t yet have a firm grasp on it. However, at Pivotal Health and Wellness in Lake Worth, our team is committed to providing support for any eventuality neuropathy might bring up.

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Read testimonials from some of our satisfied patients!

I am extremely grateful for the treatment course that I received from Pivotal Health and Wellness after my car accident. After this course, I feel much better. Everyone was very attentive to me, they used various methods of treatment including electricity, mechanical and hand adjustments, and a massage machine. My whiplash is gone, and my back is much more flexible. Thank you very much for your work!

-Karen T.

I chose to get the regenerative medicine treatment for my knees because I had heard that it was a more natural way as opposed to having knee surgery. There is no "down" time as with surgery. I have had amazing results since I received my injections. From hip pain all the time when I walked as well as knee pain, to no hip pain from walking. I feel I have improved about 50% in the three months since I received my treatment. Looking forward to even more improvement.

-Louise R.

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